With over 10 000 m2 of space located on 8 separate floors, one of the key challenges was how best to bring together the various disparate departments in order to encourage a sense of community. This was addressed through the use of an ‘employee hub’ on a middle floor that creates a central focal point for all staff. Here there is a large kitchen where staff are able to meet for coffee and where social interaction is encouraged.

The main space will also be used for bigger team meetings and ‘town halls‘ where the raised agora seating around the perimeter will help to accommodate as many as 100 people. In order to differentiate departments and areas within them we used colour coding and varying design motifs including specially developed carpet patterns which repeat across the floors.

Great attention is given to the acoustic qualities of the space as it is recognized that disruptions from noise result in significant loss of productivity and a reduction in staff well being. To counter this, acoustic measures such as sound absorptive wall, furniture and ceiling panels have been used throughout the workplace. These also become coloured decorative elements which help define the spaces.

The top floor of the ‘egg’ tower is reserved for clients and conferences with a suite of flexible meeting rooms which in fully ‘open’ mode provide a 180 degree view across Prague. The interior branding and design features draw inspiration from Oracle corporate imagery as well as references to the aeronautical heritage of the site which was formerly used as a Walter engines manufacturing facility.

The project was among the winners of the prestigious ‘offices of the year’ award for 2018.
YEAR 2016
SIZE 10 000 sqm