IBA is an award winning architectural and interior design practice launched in 1997 by British architect Ian Bryan. The company provide full service delivery encompassing all design, engineering and permitting disciplines.

Managed by Ian Bryan and Design Director Eduard Trembulak, the team of architects and design professionals combine strong local and international experience. Senior members of our team have been together for more than 20 years and bring serious levels of experience to the table. These abilities are allied with younger talents helping to keep our designs fresh and vibrant.

As our work encompasses several sectors we value highly the cross fertilisation of ideas between project types that this can bring – encouraging independent thinking and leading to better design solutions.

Above all we believe in collaboration. Great products can only be created as the result of teamwork. Design is a process where all must play their role fully for success to be achieved. This means clients, design professionals and specialist partners working together towards a common aim. Our experience as design leaders is key to this process.

Whilst our prime geographical focus is in the Czech Republic, we actively pursue projects elsewhere in Central Europe and beyond. We regularly collaborate with International partners and have an association agreement with worldwide practice HOK.


Praha, 4. 2. 2015, Ian Bryan, architektFoto: HN – Lukáš Bíba
Ian Bryan
managing director

● Czech authorized and British Registered architect

● Breeam International Assessor

● Resident in the Czech Republic since 1994

● Educated at Edinburgh College of Art / Birmingham School of Architecture

ET_headshot 1500×1850
Edo Trembulak
design director

● Czech authorized architect

● Permitting expert

● Resident in the Czech Republic

● Speaking Czech and English

● Educated at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava

Klara Krizova
Klára Křížová
Financial / Personnel manager
Peter Hricovec
Peter Hričovec
Senior architect
Marcela Krupova
Marcela Krupová
Senior architect
Michal Nemec
Michal Němec
Senior building engineer
David Hruska
David Hruška
Senior Designer
Monika Mayova
Monika Mayová
Senior architect / Interior designer
Jan Kostrian
Ján Kostrián
Senior architect
Katka Chalaniova
Katarína Chalaniová
Sarka Kubankova
Šárka Kubánková
Jakub Radon
Jakub Radoň
Patrik Koval
Patrik Koval
Marie Obermanova
Marie Obrmanová
Office manager