In association with British designers SPGA, IBA were local executive architects and project managers for this 7 000 m2 premises for Deloitte Czech Republic in the Nile House building, Prague 8.

Deloitte were formerly housed in a number of historic buildings in Prague’s old town and the move represented a change of culture from cellular to a more open environment and brought everyone together under one roof. Before design work commenced, an in depth research and briefing process was carried out involving staff at all levels. Completed in 2006, the project represented the first, large scale application of activity based work settings.

As workplaces are dynamic and always developing, IBA have been on hand for over 10 years providing design services which have included the major enlargement of the Client’s suite and numerous smaller modifications. The classic modern design theme has stood the test of time and in 2016 it was noted that staff were still proud of their workplace. Deloitte believe that the design of their workplace contributed to increased productivity and estimated this to be equivalent to 10% increase in revenue per head.

CLIENT Deloitte CE
YEAR 2004-2016
SIZE 7 000 sqm