Crestyl’s Hagibor Republic residential development in Prague 10, includes 4 large scale apartment buildings providing 460 apartments. The projects are part of the larger master plan for the area, co-authored by IBA, which also includes offices and a school.

A key challenge with such multi-unit buildings is how to achieve a sense of human scale and individuality where inevitably there is so much repetition of similar sized units. For phase 1 we turned this repetition into a virtue in designing 2 buildings which ‘play off’ each other; one which grows organically based on cubic blocks which we christened the ‘hedgehog’ and the other a slick horizontally articulated counterfoil. For Phase 2 this concept is further developed with each building having its own characteristic urban identity.

Critical for us was to design comfortable and distinct public and private spaces in the courtyards between the buildings. The separation of these two realms is emphasized by placing the private external areas on raised plinth.

CLIENT Crestyl
YEAR 2017-now
SIZE 41 000 sqm