Having spent nearly 2 decades providing architectural an engineering solutions in the Czech Republic we have built up a wealth of expertise and a thorough understanding of the building development process. We can use this knowledge to help you make the right decisions.
We know what works and what does not. We have a clear understanding of commercial parameters and we are able to see how to get the most value out of any site, building or development and advise on the most appropriate uses and functions.
Imagine the possibilities
More than 80% of building work is refurbishment. Many buildings are under-used or fulfil unsuitable functions. We can advise on changes that can transform building performance, raise asset values and deliver greater profitability. Even small changes to use or function can have profound effects.

As architects we are environmentalists by nature. Thinking green is in our DNA. We are members of the Czech Green Building Council and are certified under the world’s leading environmental assessment method ‘BREEAM’, operated by the UK’s Building Research Establishment.

What we do
We carry out a wide range of consultancy and advisory services which can be tailoured to meet your needs.

These services include:

  • Site Selection. Based on your requirements we are able to identify the most suitable potential sites or buildings. We have excellent knowledge of the local landowners and a thorough understanding of local codes and permitted uses.
  • Building and Land technical surveys
  • Technical and planning due diligence. We identify the major risks inherent in selected sites, buildings or developments and advise on their mitigation.
  • Feasibility studies. We carry design and engineering studies to determine how well any particular site or building meets your brief requirements or development possibilities.
  • Costs estimation
  • Development financial evaluation
  • Sustainability consultations / BREEAM assessments. We are able to combine our assessment and design activities on our own projects or carry out independent BREEAM assessments on projects designed by other architects.

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